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Ear infections are common, especially in children. Though most ear infections resolve within a few days, if they are a regular problem for your child or yourself, schedule a consultation with Richard D. Orgill, MD, in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Dr. Orgill is a board-certified ear, nose, and throat physician who provides ear infection care. Call the office or schedule an appointment online today.

Ear Infection Q&A

What is an ear infection?

An ear infection occurs in the ear. These infections are common and happen when a bacteria or virus gets trapped in the ear and multiplies.

Anyone can get an ear infection, but they’re more common in children because they have narrow eustachian tubes, which are the tubes that help drain fluid from the middle ear into the throat. 

What are the types of ear infections?

Ear infection types depend on the part of the ear affected. The types include:

Outer ear infection

An outer ear infection, or otitis externa, also called swimmer’s ear, occurs when you have inflammation in the outer part of the ear. This is usually a bacterial infection that occurs when water, sand, or dirt gets trapped in this part of the ear.

Middle ear infection

A middle ear infection, or otitis media, often develops from a respiratory infection (cold or flu) or allergies. This type of ear infection can become chronic, creating a thick, glue-like discharge from the ear. 

Inner ear infection

An inner ear infection, also called labyrinthitis, develops when you have other infections in the body, such as the throat, sinuses, or teeth. With this type of ear infection, you may experience dizziness, fever, nausea, vomiting, and tinnitus. 

If you suspect you or your child has an ear infection, schedule a consultation with Dr. Orgill for an evaluation. 

What happens during an ear infection consultation?

Dr. Orgill conducts a thorough exam when you come in for an ear infection consultation. He wants to know what type of infection you have and the cause so he can create the most effective treatment plan.

Dr. Orgill reviews your symptoms and ear infection history. He examines your ears, nose, and throat. He can diagnose an ear infection during a physical evaluation but may take a sample of your ear fluid to determine if your infection is bacterial or viral.

What are the treatments for an ear infection?

Dr. Orgill customizes your ear infection treatment plan based on the type and severity of your condition. In some cases, treatment may include over-the-counter (OTC) pain medication and observation. For a bacterial infection, Dr. Orgill prescribes antibiotics. He may also remove excessive earwax.

If you have chronic ear infections, Dr. Orgill may recommend the placement of ear tubes to improve fluid drainage and decrease the frequency of infections.

To get help for ear infections, call the office of Richard D. Orgill, MD, or schedule an appointment online today.